Paul Hills


In Paul Hill’s words: Having spent most of my career in media production and TV journalism, my interest now lies in media analysis and how it implicates the social and cognitive sciences. I identify most with my role in developing the academic study of cognitive cultural studies. Previously based in South Africa, I’ve spread my wings to the Americas and Europe and now spend most of my days researching my areas of academic and artistic interest. I am currently based in the medieval village of Ferney-Voltaire (yes, that Voltaire) on the French/Swiss border, and the rich mix of ancient cultures and modernity provide a rich everyday sensory backdrop for my imagination and creativity. I take photographs to capture fragile moments and processes, as candy for my eye and light for my brain. I take photographs for emotions I can’t otherwise express, for feelings words would blow to the winds, and for holding in my memory a personal history of ever-changing perception and humanity. I do art because I do life.




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