A bathing By Amy Shelver


Cry beloved country, 
Cry beloved country, 

Cleanse the open plains 
With gentle tears. 
Wash the grime from the kranse 
Water the sun-dried tomato fields 
And bring them to life again. 

Kiss our weary land 
With life-giving 
And restore breath 
To our weary lungs. 

Cry beloved country, 
Rid your soul of terror. 
Expel the reigning torment 
And breathe. 

Quiet night kisses you 
And leaves an embrace 
Of black stillness. 

Rest, beloved country, 
Sweet South Africa, 
Strong fortress, 
Now clean.  

– First published in 1998 in the anthology, Melodic Musings

'Almost free' artwork by Michael Barry
Artwork: Almost free (2019) | Michael Barry | Monotype, A4 | Almost free | Sold
'Almost free' artwork by Michael Barry next to 'A bathing' by Amy Shelver

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