Accounting By Amy Shelver

It is hard to unravel pains like these
and the divides multiply into abyss
– no longer do I set your fire abliss.

Is this a pain of purpose or the triviality
of this is yours and mine?
You can keep the picks if you leave me Hendrix.

…or will I be forever
doomed or destined to remember
numbers, times, annuals
slip through my fingers
as 6s and 39s,
and 3 and a halves,
and 23 when you left
and two times a broken heart.

Things of meaning discarded
only with more mean-ing
on its way.

I’m tightly bound
searching the lost and found.

Do you still hear
me call for you?

But I won’t be 50 with you
not 80 in a rocking chair.

You can keep the CDs, it’s only fair…
but the 100s of books
will replace your looks
as I count the minutes
now hours, now days, now years
– too many to account. 


'Impermanenc' by Sebastian Cooper
Artwork: Impermanence (2019) | Sebastian Cooper | Digital painting | Artist's collection, Cape Town | Not for sale 
'Accounting' poem by Amy Shelver next to "impermanence' artwork by Sebastian Cooper
'Silent man' artwork by Thys Cilliers
Artwork: Silent Man (2014) | Thys Cilliers | Oil on canvas, 20cm x 20cm | Private collection (Pieter Swart), Riebeeck Kasteel, Western Cape | Not for sale

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