AK42 By Amy Shelver

fraudulent intertexuality.
a book.
a returning gift.
or curse.
doomed to the cyclical nature of things. misaligned, but straight as an arrow.
i think.

maybe one part of you curves?
or curses.

a search for god.
only to find
your own ego[testical]ism.

do i blame you that your religion is yourself?
no, to do so
would be to deny my humanity.

obsession and intrigue.
makes for a good book.
makes for a good vloek.

how does it feel to be an epitome?

what a mirror are you!

der spiegel.
der teuffel.

or perhaps a fake?
just like the rest of us.
a violent assault on our senses.

maybe you are opaque in your clarity.
and i’m the one confused.
but just for a short while.
i see through you now.
double glazed.
that crooked desire in a bullet.

i don’t need a prefix –
i’ve had enough of those already, d’sir.

the firing squad,
violation is always a choice.

i’m the present miss.
and your merit
is nothing more than this:

so onward spiegel, teuffel.
inspire if it’s the last thing you do.

with the ancient art form honesty.

the grey protruding matter,
bulging from the hand of things.

archetype of malady and paradise.
progression in the form of steel.

…and yes, perhaps you will achieve
that you are an addendum to your image.

and nothing more…
but you know that already. ▲

Untitled crayon on paper by Aryan Kaganof
Aryan Kaganof | Untitled (2018) | Crayon on paper | Artist's collection, Cape Town | Priceless
AK42 poem by Amy Shelver next to artwork by Aryan Kaganof
AK42 poem by Amy Shelver

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