ELEVATION By Amy Shelver

Here I am trans-mutating 
Changing shape and form 
Thinking of you on your birthday, boy 

It’s transit time 
And it’s a turnstile, and other rotating doors 
Pushing through the airport gates to other portals 

Looking at the departure board 
I thought I saw Bethlehem as the next flight out of here 
All frankincense and myrrh 
How cool would it be to go there? 

And I thought of you 2000 years ago arriving to save our souls 
Are you coming again, to do it all over again? 
Coz we need you more than ever, baby Gee… 

We also need some wise men, three. 
And some women too, for a change… 
Pretty please. 

The world’s gone madder 
Since you were up on that cross at 33 
Now we crucify ourselves, baby, to prove we still bleed 

I’m flying through the air 
Like all things airborne 
It’s a story of our time 

We have our pandemic but it’s finally the obvious kind 
All the other insidious ones, the ones that gave us the chance to turnaround 
We ignored those just like those folk who ignored your message of love and other cheeks 

What a cheek, this chosen race of yours has some answering to do… 
I see them floating here in the terminal and cannot help but think of the irony of that term(inal) 
That’s where we are 
en route to one of two destinations 
The devil and the deep blue sea 
It’s burn or drown out there in creation 

I wish I was flying to Bethlehem today 
But I’ve got a flight to Bedlam I best be on 
Gotta hold the world up and right it’s crown 

That makes me think of thorns and stars 
And how backwards the world went for you 
And your sacrifice that started all glowing planets 
And ended with the maggots 

How do you carry the stars? 
When all people want are speeding cars and bars? 

I wanna carry the stars Baby G… 
If that happens, will you carry me? 

If you do, it’ll be a merry Christmas after all… 


'Architects of Religion' sculpture by Duncan Stewart
Artwork: Architects of Religion (2005) | Duncan Stewart | Mixed media on fabriano paper, 70cm x 50cm | Private collection | Munich | Not for sale 
'Architects of religion' artwork by Duncan Stewart next to "ELEVATION" poem by Amy Shelver
Artwork: Here I am to Contemplate (2005) | Duncan Stewart | Oil on linen, 80cm x 70cm | Private collection, Johannesburg | Not for sale 

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