Evapouration By Amy Shelver

How can I catch the detail of your curved lips, and each so and so?
How can I measure all the inches of you, before you go?

It’s just that I’m zoomed up to your endless face, tucked into how its become our limitless space.

That’s how I know that I am real: when I see myself when I see you.
And I want to capture each molecule and atom of you, embed them in me.

Osmosis by love.
Cocktail of chemistry.

But I cannot drink it all in, or even hold up the day…
Before the vignettes and the sidelines crumble away…
And all the matter of life has its final say.

So, how can I do what I cannot say?
How do I say what I cannot do?

When it’s always ‘come what may’…
…and ‘may’ is now evapourating you.

"Free falling" artwork by Duncan Stewart
Artwork: free f a l l i n g (2005) l Duncan Stewart | Oil on canvas, 35cm x 25cm | Artist's collection, Port Elizabeth now Gqeberha | $700

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