Knowing By Amy Shelver


Calm in the face of fury 
I faced my worst nightmare. 

It breathed a scorching outrage 
Down my fragile back. 

But I stood tall against my fear, 
Breathed back an icy chill. 

Contemplate a dash for the nearest exit? 
Or stand to face the monster of insight? 

Naturally, we run! 

But soon, overcome with remorse, 
It caught up with me. 

You see, you cannot escape 
What is on the inside. 

You cannot run 
Away from knowledge. 


It is always with you, 
Breathing down your back.  

'Your perfect love' design by Jesse Sharkie
Artwork: Your Perfect Love (2019) | Jesse Sharkie | Digital illustration | $110 per digital copy - available for commissions
'Your perfect love' design by Jesse Sharkie next to 'Knowing' poem by Amy Shelver

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