Most Likely You Go Your Way By Amy Shelver

Lying here in my skinny underwear
On ruby ripe red sheets
sweating out the Geneva summer
In the Dylan T-shirt you bought me
When we laughed all along the city streets
At the fact that he couldn’t sing anymore but could still set us free

It’s weird what time can do,
when everything feels so fresh and true
Right then in the beginning
Before the stings and flings ring on through

And I’m tied to you
by chords I know I can cut
But damn it’s hard Boy
when you know it’s your Heart you’re cutting up

And dinner is served
But it’s so damn cold
And it’s a solo scene
that started as a duo tune

I keep thinking of Dylan up on that stage
And the seats we had that were a dream
And how potential is so tangible
When you look at it from the back to front

We forget, we forget, we forget
How to rub shoulders with the ones we love
When we are so focused on the goal
Not the person that’s in tow

We got that, then we lost that.

But it didn’t feel like it
walking down the Avenue of the America’s
Or down on Bowery
and in the West Village
When we felt like life was all ours
Along with the lights and the music
and all we could pillage

Your hand in mine
My hand in yours

Don’t let us forget
It’s still blowing in the wind
We’re blowing in the wind 

"Dylan plate" drawing by Kate Arthur
Artwork: Dylan Plate (2009) | Kate Arthur | Drypoint engraving on perspex, 20cm x 14.7cm | Artist’s private collection | Not for sale
"Dylan Plate" drawing by Kate Arthur next to "Most Likely You Go Your Way" poem by Amy Shelver
"Taxi" photograph by Silvie Bonne
Artwork: Taxi! (2019) | Silvie Bonne | Digital photograph | New York, New York | Not for sale

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