On High By Amy Shelver

Do the edges blur?
Do you still feel me stir?

As I rock between
this reality and mine?

Safe is not a distance.
Life is not a reminisce.

We only have these moments,
or head for denouements.

Reach out and touch me
as I blur
and morph
and settle into self
and as these holograms
shimmer and fade
like neon lights
that have seen too many nights.

I vibrate because of you –
as you gaze upon me;
see through the layers
of my form,
and note: through your touch I was born.

From these heady heights,
we are all heaven.

'High Hopes' artwork by Daylin Paul
Artwork: High Hopes (2009) | Daylin Paul | Digital photograph | Personal collection, Seoul, Republic of Korea | Not for sale

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