Raisin Girls By Amy Shelver

A man talks and a girl wishes 
she could die. 

After sampling a memoir, 
biography of biographies. 

Cool winter rain 
Soaks the cracking lumps of soil 
that have forgotten the sun. 

As the tiny shards of 
mirror tinker 
from the sky glass, 
a hand is poised 
to capture these reflections. 

A hand, a fist. 
A prelude and a second act; 
and the shadow of blood. 🩸

'Whispers on my body' artwork by Amy Keevy
Artwork: Whispers on my body (2019) l Amy Keevy l Watercolour on paper (A3 or A2 fine art print) l Limited edition of 15, Cape Town | $90 - A3, $130 - A2 
'Raisin Girls' poem by Amy Shelver next to 'Whispers on my body' artwork by Amy Keevy

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