songs from the caffeine crypt  By Amy Shelver

acid mood and high heels. 
too much coffee, 
not enough cigarettes. 

won’t you pour me a sex on the beach? 

tonight i’m feeling too cynical to be cynical, 
too tired to be wired. 

swimming then dripping 
(dew on the inside). 

life is all that it feels in this silly, 
little trojan war. 

a human tragedy. 

'Divider' installation by Lungiswa Gqunta
Artwork: Divider (2016) | Lungiswa Gqunta | Mixed-media installation (beer bottles and knotted fabric), 210cm x 700cm x 340cm. Image courtesy of WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery. | Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Cape Town | Not for sale 

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