The boat from Krabi By Amy Shelver

Clamped together like refugees
on their own island.


To live in Krabi
and dote on in Railey.

A friendly wave met with glassy face.

On the waters we are all the same,
not players in that island game.

Where your withered hands, perpetually salty,
meet your primed smile.

A grimace laced with hardwon sugar,
on the rim of a margarita glass.

I like how the waters equalise us.

Flashpacker and smile-pusher,
become nomad and refugee.


'The Art of Silversmithing' by Carys Matthews
Artwork: The Art of Silversmithing (2019) l Carys Matthews l Silver and Agate l Moss Agate/Nature collection, Bristol l $60
'The art of Silversmithing' by Carys Matthews

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