What do I make of it? By Debbie Wintermeyer

If I make this incomprehensible,
then I may never move past this.
Did the boardroom beat me?
Who really knows?

If I tell you that I did not contribute to this, then I would be lying.
If my reality and their reality is different, then what am I missing?
If I am meant to see the God and the good, then, what is this?

Second laptop.
Second exit.
Second trauma.
Third trauma.
Fourth trauma.
Am I traumatised?
Reflect, repeat, endorse.

Am I traumatised?
Am I shocked?
Disbelief is real.
Injury not seen.
Can I justify?

People respond.
Those that remain, remain.
What am I missing?
Better for me.
Their loss, not mine.
Who lost?
Who got lucky?
Was it worth it?
How to decide?

Two faced.
Fact or fiction.
Decision made.


'Untitled' artwork by Singaphi Street Artist
Artwork: Untitled (2016) | Singaphi Street Artist | Mosaic on concrete bench | Photograph by Reino Erasmus | MBDA, New Brighton | Not for sale
'Contrast' artwork by Michael Kennedy
Artwork: Contrast (1994) | Michael Kennedy | Pen and ink on paper | Private collection, Durban | Not for sale

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