you ride me like patriarchy By Amy Shelver

you ride me like patriarchy 
and i moan, i moan, i moan. 
i am a thousand women 
bound to the leather of your couch 
thrust in-between this and the next 
playing second fiddle to the pouch, 
oh, oh, oh, ouch. 
put it there again. 
you know i like it, fuck yes. 
fuck no, it’s coz i got nowhere to go. 
at pleasures moment’s notice 
you’re up and leaving, i’m just arriving. 
it’s rude, but not as rude as this. 
my voice is drowned out by 
the shudder swimming down your spine 
and i’m gagged, this time, and the next, 
fuck yes. 

you know the score coz that’s all i am. 
i’m left dripping you… 

a secret combination for an every-lock. 
the chicken comes home to roost. 
and a thousand women just like me 
flash through my mind, 
row upon row, the gag-rag, 
reflecting the carriage of patriarchy. 

cannot you see? 
riding from up there, 
stampeding through the ripening crop 
how you ride my womanhood 
the crusader, ss, militia, the cop. 
the daunting everyman should. 
it’s still the same love and patriarchy 
it’s still the same you and me. 

i moan, i moan, i moan. 
rape is different when it’s everyday. 
in every place and every way. 
and we are tired, and fired. 

these gags and the gag is on you.

'Nope' poster design by Nic Symes
Artwork: Nope (2017) l Nicholas Symes l Digital graphic print. Image courtesy of Justin Sullivan | Personal portfolio, Johannesburg l Free print 
'Her' artwork by Steven "Joff" Cartner
Artwork: Her (2018) | Steven "Joff" Carter | Oil on canvas, 89cm x 122cm | "When we were there" collection | Sold 

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