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Ponytales is a woman-focused series of conversations delivered via podcast and a series of written stories and matched with artworks from the world’s leading femme artists. Women are driving worldwide change. This is not a new phenomenon. Unacknowledged in the past, an increasing number of women sitting proudly at the table casts a new spotlight on our work, ways of being, and critically, new impact. As we make a collective shift to creating a world that is more adept at navigating crises, the role of women has never been greater.

As if we need to say so: But it is really important that we know and share our stories. We can learn from one another to shape new pathways in a new and confusing world.

We’re turning to women to understand how we can:


The goal? Become more enterprising in solving the world’s big challenges. Talk about women whose mishaps led metamorphoses and who know that in sharing we can all evolve.

How? We can make change through laughter, irony, experiences, ennui, observations, and moments. We can learn lessons on how to fail forward, how funny, and fear full, failure is, how to walk the road, what others did before us on that path. We can open doors, share the floor, and multiply our impact to deliver more.


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Join award-winning opera star and podcast host Golda Schultz and producer Amy Shelver on Ponytales the Podcast as they journey to discover and collect women’s stories of mishaps and metamorphoses in a changing world where the power balance is shifting, but not always towards greater equality.

Write your story of misadventure leading to change, and we will feature it on our platform and match you, anti-ekphrastically to women artists who’ll respond to your story with an artwork of their own.

  • Send us a 300-to-1000-word story in fictional or non-fictional format
  • Submit full name (or nom-de-plume), high quality image, biography, social and contact details
  • We reserve the right to edit, interrogate and improve the story and even interview you if it is awesome.

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