A South African collaboration shattering the shame of addiction – one letter, one truth, one visceral experience at a time.

Addictionary is an A to Z of bizarre, sad, funny stories, anecdotes, conversations, experiences, journeys, and moments across the spectrum of addiction.

We all have them. The cravings, the habits, the obsessions. Some are dangerous, some are merely quirks. But they all tell a story about who we are and the country we live in.

ADDICTIONARY is a space unashamed. A collection of 26 brutally honest stories woven from the threads of addiction – big and small, obvious and unseen.

Writers bare their souls. Artists translate them. This is where words bleed into visuals, where pain sparks creation, and shared experience becomes a lifeline.

About project


Telling the gritty tales about inner struggles to deal with heavy pleasure. Welcome to ADDICTIONARY, a groundbreaking South African project where 26 writers and 26 artists fearlessly confront the spectrum of addiction. From the seemingly commonplace to the life-altering, from the destructive to the surprisingly benign, each letter of the alphabet holds a raw, unflinching story.

Whether it’s the grip of alcohol, the wonder of escapism, the sting of social media scrolling, or the deceptive comfort of zol, every addiction reveals a piece of ourselves and the complex society we inhabit.

ADDICTIONARY amplifies these voices, transforming personal struggles into a shared experience.

This is more than just a book. ADDICTIONARY is a multimedia monolith. Written words will resonate through interviews and podcasts. Artists will offer visual interpretations, adding visceral layers of meaning and emotion.

We cast our net wide, seeking writers and artists from all corners of South African life. We believe in the power of untold stories – the gritty, the heartbreaking, the inspiring – to illuminate the complexities of addiction and celebrate the resilience within us all.

Join us as we break the silence. Explore the mad, awesome, and often heartbreaking world we live in.

ADDICTIONARY is where understanding begins, where healing finds a spark, and where we reshape the narrative of addiction in South Africa, one story at a time.

for those with the stories

Are you a writer with an addiction story to tell? A letter of the alphabet is waiting for you. Express yourself however you choose: short story, poem, essay, confession… We want the bizarre, the funny, the heartbreaking.

Submit your story idea and be part of something raw, real, and transformative.

for artists

Are you an artist driven to interpret human experience? We seek 26 visionaries to bring ADDICTIONARY’s powerful stories to life through your chosen medium. Your art will amplify voices and spark vital conversations.

Express your interest and let the words become your muse. This is what anti-ekphrastic collaboration is about.