Jessica Hurley


Jessica Dale Hurley is a Fine Art graduate of Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha , South Africa. Currently living and working in the UK. Whether drawing, painting or mosaicing, her work is mandala-like in structure, each detail distilled from the myriad of shapes nature offers as a source of imagery. Reflecting the world of natural phenomena where nothing is a replica, so the images constituting Jessica’s designs may appear similar at first glance, but on closer scrutiny are different, bearing the variable imprint of a human hand at work. Jessica’s artistic process has a likeness to a meditation, staring in the centre and working her way to the edges, sometimes repeating the same process a number of times with slightly varying results. In addition, pure aesthetic indulgence and design is often favoured over conceptualism in Jessica’s work and therefore prefers to work on commissions of a more practical nature than work solely as an artist seeking inspiration or delivering an important message through their work.




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Jessica Hurley

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