Delivery Mechanism by Amy Shelver

It’s just a simple pill.
Pop and go.
Down the hatch.
Take with food.
Keep from reach.

Round smooth edges.
Nothing much really.
It could be any old pill.

But so is arsenic.
And so is ecstasy.
Look at what those do.

You can halve it.
Have it.
Swallow it.
Lick it.
Crush it.
Snort it.
Stick it…
Melt it.

Any old pill.

But it’s not.

This pill will:
Have me.
Swallow me.
Crush me.
Melt me.

And maybe, just maybe.

If the world is just.
If there is a god.

It will heal me. 


"Mould" ceramic by Wilandi Esterhuysen
Artwork: Mould (2020) | Wilandi Esterhuysen | Hand-built stoneware, glaze, electric fired, cone 5 | Private collection, Port Elizabeth now Gqeberha | Not for sale
"Feasting" ceramic by Johanna Okon Watkins
Artwork: F(E)ASTING (2018) | Johanna Okon-Watkins | Mixed-media installation (broken and re-assembled ceramics) | ca. 80cm x 60cm | Artist's collection | Herefordshire, UK | Price on request

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